Elon Musk revealed two vehicles aimed at very different sectors of the automotive market; Tesla Semi and the second generation Tesla Roadster, I take a look at what these two bring in the electric future.

Tesla Semi

The Tesla Semi truck is the first time the company has branched out into a sector that is heavily dominated by diesel-powered vehicles. It not only brings the expected change from fossil fuel to electric power but it also aims to change trucks, in general, are viewed. The Semi is futuristic in its looks with big bold and streamlined curves making up its front chassis. The design of the chassis is so it can house the battery packs under the floor and give the driver a front and centre position within the cabin whilst giving passenger seating behind the driver. The interior follows the common theme seen across all of the Tesla cars, two large displays flank the steering wheel with one containing all the vehicle controls and the other with standards navigation and entertainment controls. Moving away from the aesthetics I turn to its performance and it is here where Tesla is changing the outlook for freight vehicles. The Semi will have a range of 500 miles on a full charge, combined with a promise that it can go for a 1 million miles without breakdown representing the reliability and effectiveness of the vehicle. To support the 500-mile range Tesla aims to set up solar powered Megachargers that will integrate into the supercharger network giving drivers a 400-mile charge in 30mins. The main thing that sets it apart from the vehicles out at the moment is its speed, the Semi can do 0 – 60mph in 5seconds, this is consistent with cars that are tuned to go fast and not seen in large load-bearing vehicles. As with every Tesla that’s on the roads, the Semi will come with enhanced autopilot to aid with reducing crashes, offering rollover protection and can follow a convoy with local Wi-Fi connection letting a manually operated truck up front leading the way. The Tesla is priced at $180,000 which in the grand scheme of things is relatively competitive and looks to bring a change in the commercial market of vehicles.

Tesla Roadster 2

In a “There’s one more thing” Esq moment Elon Musk revealed the Roadster 2, which conveniently rolled out of one of the Semi trucks on show. The Roadster 2 takes the principles of the first car announced by Tesla and takes them even further. It will be the first ever car to go 0 – 60 in 1.9secs, breaking the 2second barrier. On top of that 0 – 100mph will be completed in 4.1secs and a quarter mile drag strip in 8.9secs with a top speed clocking in over 250mph. These numbers are truly mind-blowing and supercar levels yet being powered on electric. Along with speed, the new roadster will also have a range that hasn’t been seen before, with 620miles off a single charge due to its 200kWH battery. One thing Elon did mention was that these are all base model numbers, there will be options available to the lucky customers that may take these stats and smash them further. Supercar performance comes with a relatively modest price of $200,000 and Tesla aim to have it rolling out in 2020.

Tesla continues to push the boundaries and challenges the world and in particular America on how it gets around and looking at the Semi and Roadster 2 it seems as though they are breaking the unwritten laws of the road and changing peoples views on electric.

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