Last week Tesla announced its Model 3, which follows the Model X and Model S. Model 3 is the first to be considered affordable and is the push by Tesla to produce it on a commercial level and output.


Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla had a clear vision when he set up Tesla and that vision was outlined in the quote below;


Build sports car.

Use that money to build an affordable car.

Use that money to build an even more affordable car.

Whilst doing the above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options.

Don’t tell anyone.


The sports car….Tesla Model X

The affordable car….Tesla Model S


Which brings me onto the third and most important car in Elon Musk’s and Tesla short history…The Tesla Model 3!


Model 3 represents the “even more affordable car” in the master plan laid out. Model 3 will bring electric transportation to the masses. The base model starts at $35,000 which will have a range of 220 miles on a full charge. It will reach 60mph in 5.6sec and clocks out at a top speed of 130mph. Tesla also has a second version classed as the long range model 3. This ups the range to 310 miles and reduces 0-60mph time to 5.1secs with it topping out at 140mph. Increased range and performance comes at an elevated price of $44,000.

It will be only these two models available to customers to choose from to keep it simple and aid mass production, and that’s what is at the core of the Model 3…Simplicity. The aim for Tesla is to reach an output of 500,000 Model 3’s in a full year of production which is 5 times more than what they have achieved previously with preceding cars.

There are a few optional extras which can be selected. The colour of the Model 3 which is limited to 6 common shades seen on many cars. The choice of two different alloy rims either at 18’ or 19’ sports rims. To top this off there is the availability of adding the premium package at a cost of $5.000 which will come with the following extras;

  • Heated seating and wood trim on dash
  • Two rear USB ports
  • Power adjusted front seats, steering column and side mirrors
  • Premium sound system including a subwoofer
  • Tinted glass roof
  • Docking ports for two smartphones up front
  • LED Fog Lights


Outside of the premium package add on, both models will come with on board navigation, keyless entry via the app, backup camera and Wi-Fi. These core features really do push the technology in this vehicle front and centre.

One further addition puts the Model 3 apart from the rest, the ability of full self-driving. This option at the start will be restricted to speed matching, automatic lane switching and keeping along with self-park seen in many modern cars. Down the line, the Model 3 has the ability for full self-driving and it this future that Tesla has set out which really pushes the boundaries of travel and brings it to the masses on a grand scale.

Thinking of getting a Tesla Model 3, well get in line…There is a waiting list for it and it will take Tesla until the end of 2018 to meet that before they start to take new orders. The future for mass self-driving is here but even Tesla has to make you wait that little longer before you experience it.

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