Hot on the heels of the Surface Laptop announcement, Microsoft has their developer conference Build, this week and I take a look at what could be in store.


The Important Stuff!!

Date: 10th – 12th May 2017

Place: Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA

Keynote: May 10th 11:00 am ET

Not on the guest list: Watch the conference live here


Windows 10 Update

Microsoft made it clear it was sticking to rolling out its next windows update in September, for that reason, this is sure to be on the program to reveal what’s new to developers attending. The new update will bring with it subtle UI changes via “Project Neon”, features such as pinning contacts to the taskbar and new option to throttle power to specific applications. This will allow Microsoft to build upon the Windows 10 experience available to users currently.

The main focus of Windows 10 S will also likely feature, encouraging developers to bring desktop apps to the Windows Store, making them security certified and up to date for users. Speaking of apps, Microsoft may also shed more light on their focus to bring these desktop applications onto mobile ARM processors making Windows 10 an OS that works across all platforms from desktop to mobile.

Microsoft Office will be one of the applications making its move to being available on the Microsoft Store. On the other hand, Build will likely feature an update on Office 365 and any improvements and additions that it will bring to users.

Microsoft in the home

In partnership with Harman Kardon, Microsoft unveiled its Cortana speaker which puts the device in competition with the popular Amazon Echo and Google Home. In a similar ploy to Amazon and Google, Microsoft looks to take its virtual assistant and put it in the home to take advantage of the ever increasing market of Internet of Things. At Build, developers will most likely get a chance to see what and how applications can be built to work via the Cortana Speaker. This also highlights that Cortana will have new skills and actions that can be taken advantage of.

VR and AI

One of the growing trends in the tech world is VR and AI and Microsoft look to have an eye on that too. At Microsoft Build we should see more exposure of the HoloLens, directed more towards the commercial and enterprise markets. Encouraging developers to make applications that drive productivity and also engage the user in the task they are carrying out. Microsoft will look to deliver developer kits to partners and other manufacturers to build their own versions of the HoloLens and make it a more viable option to the general public.

Overall Microsoft Build looks to be more of an incremental and evolutionary move with products and services. The conference will look to get developers on board with Windows 10’s next update and produce more apps for the HoloLens. We will be a lot clearer come the weekend until then we can continue to speculate.

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