It’s been two years in the making but finally, Google Earth long awaited update arrives, I take a look at what’s changed.

The update brings a whole host of changes for our eyes to feast on and explore. There are now 50 new voyager tours giving insight into history, science, and education of sites and locations across the world. It combines Youtube videos, street views, and narration from scientists to really enhance our knowledge of the world we live in. For younger viewers, there are sections with Sesame Street Muppets to engage them with the vast resource Google has to offer. This feature could play a big role with how aspects of the world are taught in the classroom, making it a more interactive and fun route to go down.

3D view lets you immerse yourself in the locations you have chosen, giving you exposure to the far reaches of the globe from your seat at home. It combines flyover, 360 imaging and street view to build up the locations to make it feel like you are right there at the chosen place.

Putting the knowledge graph to work Google has now got 20000 curated location cards giving you the ability to get quick facts and information at your fingertips. These cards are also linked to content such as Voyager tours if relevant to make it an all-encompassing tool supplying you the user with as much information possible.

All these changes combine to give Google Earth a complete refresh and a more rounded experience, more beautiful views, more ways to explore and a rich source of information to learn from.

Google Earth will be available through chrome at and the android app will also receive an update in the upcoming days.

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