This year saw Sony focus on a select few games coming in the upcoming year, ranging from trailers to gameplay action. Games included the much anticipated Last Of Us Part II and Resident Evil 2 remastered and a little gem of a game in the form of Ghost of Tsushima.


The Last of Us Part II

Continuing from the original the trailer and gameplay showed immense storytelling, smooth transition and cinematic visuals, nothing less is expected from this franchise since its first outing and it looks to be continuing the trend.


Ghost of Tsushima

An open world samurai game that takes pointers from the beloved Witcher series. This game is being made by Sucker Punch who has a great track record of titles including Infamous. The trailer shows the beautiful scenes of Japan depicted in a war-torn state as you explore the world.


Remedy looking to release their next third-person shooter in the title Control. Experience in past games such as Max Payne and Quantum Break should put this game in good stead.

Resident Evil 2 Remastered

An old classic gets the remastering treatment and it looks beautiful. Looks like a great trip in store down memory lane once it releases in 2019.

Death Standing

The renowned Hideo Kojima’s title saw a trailer which showed a combo of sci-fi and horror in his latest production.

Nioh 2

Ninja’s galore this year at E3 for Sony and it continues with  Nioh 2, the sequel to the surprisingly enjoyable and well-received original.


More spidey action and gameplay in the title from Insomniac being released in September. Beautiful graphics and smooth transitions make this an exciting game to look forward to adding to the comic book hype already surrounding entertainment.


Sony’s continued to focus on games just as they did last year and it shows their commitment to the industry by showcasing titles that cross various genres and game types. These upcoming releases will continue to give Sony a continued grip on the gaming market over rivals.


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