Samsung always brings it big at CES and this year was no different. I take a look out the key announcements from their keynote for CES 2019

Samsung QLED 8k

Samsung never shys away from pushing displays to the next level and CES 2019 looked like it was another step forward. Samsung revealed its 8K Q900 QLED TV measuring in at  98inchs. This new TV builds on Quantum Dot Technology that Samsung introduced last year, enabling displays to produce incredible colour production and enhanced contrast ahead of competitors. Samsung focused on three core principles when producing the Q900;

  • Micro LED Technology

At the core of the 8k display vision. It offers a distinctive modular design, widescreen panoramic display, and immersive viewing. But in the Q900 the focus was on size and that led to the 98inch TV reveal.

  • 8k Picture Quality

Using AI the TV will be able to upscale content up to 8k regardless of the native resolution. Machine learning computed by its Quantum Processor 8k sharpens detail, eliminates jagged edges and restore pixels all in real time.

  • New ways to find content

Samsung continues their partnership with Amazon Prime to bring users the highest quality in both licensed and original content to the TV. The partnership will work on pushing out 4k to 8k content which will fully utilize the Q900 display and tech. In addition to this Samsung’s own TV Plus service is expected to offer free content on nearly 80 channels by the close of 2019. Furthermore, Samsung from this spring will offer iTunes movies and tv shows to its smart tv’s.

TV’s have always been key to Samsung and this push with 8k and QLED tech shows that it won’t let up with even more improvements to quality and content offered to its users.


The whole range got a refresh getting updated design and boosted specs to keep up with competitors and give consumers what they want. Samsung asked its customer base what they wanted and they came back with useful efficient productive devices that also represent them individually in design.

Notebook 9 Pro

The Notebook 9 Pro, comes in an ultra slim, metallic and diamond-cut bezel body. Battery life is now able to push14 hours whilst running the 8th Generation Intel i7 processor, 8 GB RAM, 256 SSD and equipped with the latest gigabit wifi technology letting the networking match up with the performance of the device. The device has Intel UHD 620 graphics, 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, a fingerprint scanner, microSD and a USB-C port. To push the new laptop further, the notebook 9 comes with the new Active pen letting the user take notes, sketch or draw with ease. Further to the Active pen that is included Samsung also announced a dedicated stylus specifically for the Notebook 9 in the form of the Notebook Pen. It brings with it all features of the Active Pen along with the beloved S Pen tech fully embedded into one input.

Notebook Odyssey Gaming Laptop

Samsung is not a name usually connected with gaming laptops with the likes of Razer and Alienware around, but this years announcement sees it step forward with a big push, with the updated Notebook Odyssey. Samsung has upped internals to Nvidia’s newly announced, RTX 2080 GPU, along with an 8th Gen hexacore Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. The display is a 1080p, 15.6-inch screen with a 144Hz refresh rate. Storage is a 256GB NVMe SSD and a 1TB HDD. There’s also a USB-C port, in addition to three USB-A ports and an HDMI jack. Its design is more understated without the shouty “i’m a gaming laptop” vents and bulk. First impressions see this as a good step forward in the gaming arena but whether it will translate to sales and recognition is yet to be seen.

Samsung Space Monitor

Samsung Space Monitor leverages its sleek design and functionality to allow users to focus on what’s on the screen and not what’s around it. Its unique built-in space-saving solution, a minimalist fully-integrated arm, clamps to the desk and frees up desk space for ultimate user productivity. Through easy ergonomic adjustment, port access and a discreet cable management system. Space Monitor gives users a unique arm stand, which can disappear into the back of the monitor’s slim-bezel. When using the stand, Space Monitor can be easily tilted or extended from the wall. It can also be lowered to the desk surface, and Samsung’s Zero Height Adjustable Stand feature provides the ultimate versatility for any type of viewing preference. The focus has been modern, minimal and flexible design which has been clearly achieved and adds to the plethora of devices follow these principles in the Samsung suite.

Digital cockpit

Samsung has partnered with Harmen to reveal its next iteration of Digital Cockpit taking connected driving to the next level. It heightens personalization, connectivity, and safety while blending with a smart lifestyle. It addresses the needs of drivers and passengers alike and uses simple controls to link devices between vehicle and home. This year also sees full integration of Bixby to bring more to the user via voice and touch. Will the digital cockpit be taken up by the car manufacturers? that’s the key to this front from Samsung.

Samsung CES 2019 – Pushing Ahead!

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