Samsung S8 and S8+ are the first phones to release with Bluetooth 5.0, I take a look at what’s changed and the benefits.

The main aim of Bluetooth 5 is to become an integral part of IoT (Internet of Things). The ever expanding sector of IoT lends well to Bluetooth and its ability to connect devices such as home audio. Bluetooth 5 will enable devices to connect over a wider range both inside and outside the home whilst sustaining a strong and reliable connection.

Bluetooth already has a strong foothold in the connected world with over 10 billion devices utilising the technology. Bluetooth 5 updates, now look to reduce interference from other wireless connectivity technologies ensuring coexisting with neighbouring devices within its field further enhancing its ability to become an IoT standard.

Looking at the stats Bluetooth 5 is now twice as fast as the current Bluetooth version 4.2, has 4 times the range combined with 8 times the capacity to broadcast data. These are significant boosts over the current version and builds upon a solid reputation and foundation already present for connectivity. The upgrade in broadcast data aids Bluetooth to be better suited in contextual aware environments which are vital in IoT. The Samsung Galaxy S8 showcases one of the new abilities of Bluetooth 5 by streaming music from the handset to two separate Bluetooth speaker devices.

Those of you worried about being left behind don’t fret, Bluetooth 5 is backward compatible and will work with current versions of Bluetooth present on devices outside of the Galaxy S8. It is expected that tech manufacturers will be implementing the new version into their devices to maximize and take advantage of the new features outlined above.

Mark Powell, the executive director at Bluetooth SIG has ambitions of 1 in 3 IoT devices being shipped to be Bluetooth enabled, along with 13.9 billion shipments of wireless product in the same time frame.

Overall Bluetooth looks to bring a strong uninterrupted connection to seize on the world of IoT whilst maintaining its stronghold in mobile and audio devices.

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