Over a decade since the last Age of Empires was released Microsoft Studios announce Age Of Empires IV is in production and will come to PC in the near distant future.

The original released in 1997 by Ensemble Studios and was pushed forward as a real time strategy gameplay format. It placed the player in control of troops and it was their decisions and tactics that lead to the progression of their empire. Age of Empires set the bar and the precedence for all future strategy games. The simple idea of progression from the stone age to the classical era in the original was followed up by the sequel that aged on to the middle ages of human history. The final installment in the series in 2005 until this latest announcement was based on the colonial period and enhanced the gameplay and improved the workings and responsiveness of the game to the player’s decisions and tactics.

This series of games gained a huge following in the gaming community and was a beacon for many other games that followed that tried to replicate the original and few have come close. The combination of history, story, and gameplay in the Age of Empires series was truly revolutionary for its time and pushed the PC makers to cater for the gaming worlds needs to play this.

12 years on since Age of Empires III Microsoft dropped the announcement trailer for the upcoming fourth installment. The trailer below shows visuals that progress through time all of which have been visited by the preceding titles of the franchise. A voiceover gives insight to how time is central to everything changing from empires being built to kingdoms falling. A man’s thirst for adventure, exploration, and power is also covered giving the viewer a concise explanation of the foundations that Age of Empires was built upon.

No details of a release date or gameplay visuals were shown but no doubt this has whet the appetite of gamers across the world.

A new age is coming upon us and I truly can’t wait to see what will be delivered by Microsoft Studios and the Age of Empires series.

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