Mehalan “Melon” Mahalingam

Here at Melon Tech, my aim is to bring you, the tech lovers the latest news, reviews and opinions on all things technology related. Whether it be gadgets, computing or gaming I want to give my view on a topic that I have been interested in a very long time. By day I am a Senior Financial Analyst, and the rest of the time I’m delving into finding out what’s happening in the technology sector. My keen interest in this field has urged me to produce this blog and I hope you can join me on this journey of future discovery.

As the blog grows bit by bit (Pun Intended) I would love for all you to subscribe and engage with me, sharing ideas opinions and experiences in this ever-changing world of technology. I feel the world of tech is on the brink of major accomplishments and at Melon Tech I want to be there to see it all unfold.

Enjoy the blog!

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