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Samsung Galaxy S9….Refinement over Revolution!

As always the first company to show its hand in the smartphone race for top spot is Samsung. This time it’s the turn of the Samsung Galaxy S9 to set the bar for 2018. Coming into the year the Galaxy S8 was a solid phone and considered top tier by
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CES 2018: Cars of the future!

Every year CES has future concepts and even working models of cars and vehicles that we could be seeing in the future and at this year’s event, it was no different. I take a look at some of the standout cars that look to make a change in the future of
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Tesla….Two Ends of the Spectrum!

Elon Musk revealed two vehicles aimed at very different sectors of the automotive market; Tesla Semi and the second generation Tesla Roadster, I take a look at what these two bring in the electric future. Tesla Semi The Tesla Semi truck is the first time the company has branched out
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Pixel 2…..A marriage of hardware & software!!

Today at the Google event the successor to the highly rated Google pixel was announced, the and Pixel 2 XL. I take a look at what Google brings to the table as it continues its journey to build market share in the smartphone sector. Design & Build Google continues the
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Apple WWDC 2017…..OS Updates for All

Apple had their developer conference and I take a look at the updates coming to its 3 main operating systems. MacOs Apple announced the next update to its Mac OS….High Sierra (Yes that really is the name!). High Sierra is more of an enhancement to the current Mac OS, it
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Google IO 2017…….Highlights!

Google IO came and went bringing some interesting improvements to its big products including Android, Home and Photos. I take a looks at what we see being delivered this coming year from Google. Android O As expected Google announced Android O and highlighted some of its main features that will come
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Microsoft Build 2017…Highlights

Microsoft’s developer conference came to a close this weekend and I take a look at the major announcements from the tech giant. Windows 10 Creators Update As previewed in my Build 2017 article here, Microsoft unveiled its next Windows update due for fall this year. Windows 10 Creators update will
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Microsoft Build 2017 Preview

Hot on the heels of the Surface Laptop announcement, Microsoft has their developer conference Build, this week and I take a look at what could be in store.   The Important Stuff!! Date: 10th – 12th May 2017 Place: Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA Keynote: May 10th 11:00 am
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2018 Gaming BAFTA’s

2018 British Academy Game Awards have come and gone and I round up the big winners of the night. This year saw “Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice”, lay down the sword and walk away as the biggest winner of the awards, picking up four titles including the prestigious “Game beyond Entertainment” for
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Age of Empires IV Announced!

Over a decade since the last Age of Empires was released Microsoft Studios announce Age Of Empires IV is in production and will come to PC in the near distant future. The original released in 1997 by Ensemble Studios and was pushed forward as a real time strategy gameplay format.
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Mehalan 21st April 2017 4 comments

Xbox Scorpio…Will it deliver the sting to PS4?

Earlier this month the specs of the upcoming Xbox Scorpio project console was revealed, I take a look as what upgrades it has taken over the Xbox One and how it matches off against the PS4 Pro. The final specs of the Xbox Scorpio put it down as the most
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